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Tin Can and Fabric Belt

In this project, Vanessa Salazar creates a clever and stylish tin can and fabric belt.

Thanks to Vanessa Salazar from San Diego, California.

Materials and Tools:

7-9 soup can lids
fabric: about 4" wide, length to fit around waist
2 D-rings
clear protectant spray
sewing materials


1. Fold fabric in half lengthwise with wrong side on outside. Press and sew.

2. Turn fabric inside out. Press so that the seam is in the center.

3. Take one end of the piece and pull two D-rings through. Fold the end over about 1 inch and sew across (figure A).

4. For the metal pieces: Use about 8 can lids. Burn off the edges of the lids to create squares (figure B).

5. Burn a line on two opposite sides on the squares (figure C). The fabric will be woven in and out of these.

6. Burn a design in the middle of each square (figure D), like a heart, star or swirl.

7. Lightly spray a clear coat on both sides of the belt pieces.

8. Weave fabric through the metal pieces.

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