Tropical Symphonic Sanctuary

Musicians Julia and Richard love to entertain. They want want to create a comfortable, welcoming space in the backyard of their Mission-style home that both their friends and their animal companions can enjoy.

  • Professional designers Suzanne Coventry, Chuck Carr and the design team Scott Clarke and Jennifer Barouti are ready for the challenge. With their expertise, this empty backyard will soon become a lush space for all to enjoy.
  • The father-and-daughter team of Clarke and Barouti break up the space into several separate areas throughout the yard. This sectioned-off courtyard creates a gathering place with a sense of intimacy.
  • Before
  • A whimsical waterfall and fish pond adds visual interest and a relaxing atmosphere. An aviary for their African Gray parrot fits perfectly into this space.
  • Before
  • An expansive new cooking area and lots of seating make the new courtyard complete.
  • Before
  • A small fruit orchard along the back fence and additional seating add a welcoming touch.
  • Before
  • The new furniture adds cohesiveness and lets the separate spaces flow together. Richard and Julia are thrilled with all of the new seating, the cooking area and the animal-friendly touches. The new fire pit makes a perfect focal point and an ideal place for friends to gather.


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