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Hand-Painted Swirl Bowls

Doug is a professional floral designer, and he makes gorgeous painted bowls like this one that are the perfect holder for his floral creations.

Thanks to Doug Garhartt of San Diego, California for this project.

Materials and Tools:

glass bowl
spray paints in several colors, gold
glass cleaner


1. Clean your bowl or vase with glass cleaner and wipe dry.

2. To paint, in a well-ventilated area: Tilt bowl/vase. Pour two or three cups of water into the side of the bowl. Avoid splashing.

3. Hold the bowl in one hand and spray the lime green paint onto the surface of the water with the other hand. Holding the bowl with both hands, gently rotate it, allowing the water to slip from under the paint and to adhere to the side of the glass. Continue rotating until you are satisfied with the spacing of the paint.

4. Gently turn the bowl upside down and pour out the water. Tap the side of the bowl to get most of the water out. Place newspaper in the bottom of an old bucket and place upside down bowl on it to collect excess paint.

5. Let air dry completely, or use hair dryer to speed up the drying process. If you use a hair dryer, don't let the glass get too hot. To prevent cracking, make sure it has cooled before you add the next series of water and paint.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 4, this time using cobalt blue paint. Allow the paint to pass over the green and spread further over the unpainted areas until you are satisfied with the coverage. Allow to d dry thoroughly.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 4 again, this time using cyclamen paint. This time, completely cover the inside surface of the bowl with the paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

8. After your bowl is dry, spray the entire inside surface of the bowl with gold paint to cover all the other paint, or use gold leaf. DO NOT USE WATER IN THIS STEP! Completely cover the inside of the bowl without over-spraying onto the outside of the bowl. Let dry completely. The gold overlay not only provides an attractive appearance inside the bowl but brings out the richness of the colors from the outside of the bowl.

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