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Beaded Kazoo and Music Box

Artist Jan Huling shares the technique she uses to embellish her favorite instrument, the kazoo.

Thanks to Jan Huling from Hoboken, New Jersey for this project.

Materials and Tools:

wooden box
music box mechanism
various strings of seed beads
a few feet of ball chain
a few inches of rhinestones
charms or focal points
acrylic paint
about 8" square velvet
12" of 1/4" velvet ribbon
large round page pebble
brass letters
fun paper
sharp tweezers
white glue in a crafting hypodermic
Hypo Cement


1. Drill a hole in the back of the box for the music box wind-up. Install the music box components.

2. Paint the box with acrylic paints.

3. Jan Glue down a charm on the top and circle it with rhinestones.

Then used glass seed beads and some metal ball chain for the paisleys.

Put seed bead stripes on the sides and seed bead round shapes on the front. Glue all of this down using white glue in a hypodermic needle for detailed application.

4. Border the areas with either rhinestones or ball chain just to provide a little bit of protection for the beads, which are rather delicate.

5. On the inside of the lid, Jan put an old photo under a page pebble. She surrounded that with a string of silver seed beads.

6. Line the box with velvet. Turn the edges under and tack it in using brass tacks from the hardware store. Glue velvet ribbon along the inside edges of the box.

7. Decoupage the bottom of the box with a piece of giftwrap or other fun papers, using ModPodge.

8. Glue felt on the bottoms of the feet.

9. On the back of the box, in brass letters, write your name, a friend's name, or other words/names pertaining to the photo you used, etc.

10. Jan beaded a kazoo for inside the box, attaching the beads with Hypo Cement because it's waterproof--which is a big plus if you're actually going to play the kazoo. Note: Hypo Cement won't work on porous surfaces, so you can't use it on the box.


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