Welcoming Cottage Garden

Paula and Cyndi Nesmith have spent the last several years in the midst of indoor renovation of their 1950s home. With that behind them, they're ready to transform their yard and surrounding exterior.

  • The Nesbits are longing for their forgotten front yard to be transformed with color, texture and privacy.
  • Jack Irish softens the yard with a curvy lawn and flowing trees like plums and willows.
  • The exterior of the home should draw in potential buyers, not scare them away, says real estate expert Donna Freeman.
  • Fresh paint with a faux finish on the cornerstones and porch now highlight the architecture of this house.
  • Embarrassed by their uninviting yard, the Nesmiths are eager to take action and make their yard the talk of the neighborhood.
  • An enticing new patio transforms the back space and will be much more appealing to potential buyers.
  • The front space has great potential, but it lacks balance and cohesiveness.
  • A low seating bench and fragrant ground covers enhance the walkway to the front door and will greatly enhance the experience of potential buyers.
  • The expansive front lawn could serve as an excellent selling point, but the front space needs balance between the yard and surrounding structures.
  • Jack Irish incorporates concrete and brick in both the driveway and front walkway to break up the space, creating great curb appeal and functionality.


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