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Suede and Metal Necklace

Andrea Janosik spends her days at a jewelry company sketching designs, but by night, she brings the pictures in her head to life with her own jewelry, as we'll see with this suede and metal necklace.

Thanks to Andrea Janosik, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Materials and Tools:
sterling silver sheet
sterling silver tube
sterling silver round and square wire
soft rubber
leather cord
suede leather
double-sided tape
epoxy glue


1. To create a domed disc: Cut a round disc from sheet metal using a jeweler's saw. Smooth out edges with a file.

2. Hammer disc into a dome using a dapping block and a punch. Smooth out edges with sandpaper.

3. Pierce a hole in the dome with a small drill. Cut out a circle with the saw and file edges.

4. To create a rim: Wind square wire around a mandrel and cut one ring with the saw.

5. Solder the two ends together and then solder the entire ring onto the edge of the dome. Smooth out edges with a file and finish surface with sandpaper.

6. Create a bail for pendant: File a small groove into the dome. Wind round wire around a mandrel and cut one ring; solder the ends together, and then solder into the groove.

7. Make two endcaps with hook and chain: Cut two pieces of tubing and solder one side of each onto sheet metal. Cut around the tubing to remove excess sheet metal. Smooth out with file and sandpaper.

8. Drill a hole into one endcap; shape a hook from round wire with pliers and solder into the hole.

9. Wind round wire around a mandrel and cut several rings. Assemble rings into a short chain and solder one end ring onto the other endcap. Commercial endcaps with closures can also be purchased.

10. Cut thick rubber with scissors into a round cushion shape. Cut a round piece of sheet metal and attach the rubber onto it with double-sided tape.

11. Cut out a suede circle, place it over the rubber 'bump,' and push it through the back into the pierced opening of the pendant. Glue in place.

12. To create the back cushion: Cut thin rubber to fit into the rim on the back of the pendant. Attach onto a piece of sheet metal as above and also put double-sided tape onto the back side of sheet metal.

13. Cut out a circle of suede, place over the rubber, and attach the edges of the suede on the back side of sheet metal. Glue into the rim.

14. To assemble components: Cut a piece of leather cord and slide on pendant. Glue endcaps onto the ends of the cord.

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