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Multipurpose Activity Room

Kim Banta needs help with her cluttered, disorganized project room. Professional organizer Monica Ricci has a plan for her room to restore functionality.

Craft enthusiast Kim Banta loves working with crafts, but many of her projects are unfinished and lost in the wasteland of her craft room. She uses the 17 x 19 foot space for sewing, painting and computer projects, all of which are mingled and scattered around the room. The large jumble of furniture makes it difficult to find or finish any project and inhibits creativity.

This oversized chaise lounge, which inefficiently seats only one, blocks access the large desk behind it.

Storage attempts have been made with multiple shelving units and drawers, but with so many materials sitting out the effect is still chaotic. The most important task for Banta is to purge unfinished projects (Ricci says Banta is addicted to potential), old patterns and materials that will not be used in the near future.

The Results

The result of the organizational makeover is an interesting, quirky room that allows creativity to flow.

A brilliant color scheme of green and blue provide an invigorating background for the newly organized craft room. It is divided into three zones for computer, crafts and entertainment.

A new laminate floor provides a surface that is easy to clean and on which it is easy to find dropped pins. Using a large container for sorted materials prevents unsightly overflow and scattering. Labeling containers and drawers and using clear storage boxes makes it easy to locate a needed supply.

Removing bulky furniture that performs inefficiently opens up space for multifunctional furniture that ensures plenty of storage.

Two new chairs in the entertainment area provide seating for company and a place to relax. The new storage bench under the window is more seating with storage underneath.

A new corner desk is used to define the sewing area and provides plenty of work surface.

The computer area also contains storage for craft projects in drawers that are well-labeled. The clear storage boxes and drawers make it easy to locate a needed supply.


The Container Store
Elfa desk
Bisley filing cabinet, Silver
steel storage cubes
Teal shantung boxes
gift-wrap container
translucent plastic containers
ribbon box with holes
Silver magnetic board
White round magnetic board
ironing board caddy
clear stacking bins
office chair
ledge shelves
steel coil pencil cup

Georgia Cabinets
storage workstation
rolling storage bench
office workstation with drawers

Smart Furniture
wall shelving unit

Carolina Solar Lighting
Solatube (solar lighting fixture)

Lillian Vernon
storage clock
keyboard organizer
magnetic storage canisters
5-tier stationary caddy

Hold Everything
Khaki color photo and storage boxes

Storage Decor
fabric-lined baskets

Wall Words
vinyl rub-on letters

A Creative Eye
flaxseed lavender computer armrest pillows


    • Custom cabinetry from Georgia Cabinets
    • Solar lighting from Carolina Solar Lighting
    • Vinyl rub-on letters from Wall Words
    • Flaxseed lavender computer armrest pillows from A Creative Eye
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