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Creative Chaos Clearout

The Millen family seeks a professional's help to organize an art room.

Kim Millen is an art teacher who was forced to stash her life's work into the basement of her home when her school suddenly closed. With no place to work or move around, Millen wants to purge through the 20-year accumulation of art supplies and transform the room into an efficient space for doing artwork. She calls upon professional organizer Vicki Norris to take on this daunting task.

Norris begins by removing the shelving, at which point this window is discovered. Not only does it provide a view, but it also adds important natural light. The walls are finished with sheet rock and painted a natural canvas color.

All the art supplies are sorted for duplication (a common problem in disorganized storage) and evaluation. The floor-to-ceiling cupboards are cleared out and filled with sorted supplies in clearly marked see-through tubs. Anything not directly related to artwork is removed and stored elsewhere.

This new large center island is full of storage underneath and extravagant work surface on top.

Custom shelving is installed throughout the space to provide specialized storage. This corner unit is used to store oversize watercolor paper and flat artwork.

One long wall of counters has storage below, while the cupboards above hold the supplies that are used frequently. The back wall provides a display space for treasured artwork. The final result is an open room with improved lighting, lots of work and preparation space and organized storage in a variety of cabinets.


3 Day Blinds
2" Transitions wood blinds, White

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff
French easel with storage
Arches-rough bright
travel box
1/2 oz. bottles
Mi Tenus paper

The Container Store
storage bins
label maker with case
men's shoeboxes
women's shoeboxes
sweater boxes
boot boxes
accessory boxes
12 deep sweater boxes
12 magazine files
plastic grid basket paper control
The Classifier magazine file
9.75 Zip Can White

Dick Blick Art Materials
six stools

Sherwin-Williams paint colors
Interactive Cream, SW6113
Biscuit, SW6112, satin

We're Organized
custom cabinets
countertops, Pionite Filleto Marble #MT400


    • Custom cabinets from We're Organized
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