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Single Black and White Bedroom Converted to Contemporary for Two

Host Lee Snijders and design coordinators Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge turns a black and white bachelor bedroom into a unified space for two.

Happy couple Bo Mekpongsatorn and Erica Voraphankit want to move Erica into Bo's bachelor pad. Lee Snijders’ first challenge is to find a color palette that will satisfy Bo’s earthtone tastes and Erica’s love of pastels.

New items in the room include neutral-toned bedding to replace the stark white and navy blue bedspread, a new work area and new entertainment center to alleviate clutter. Snigders also adds task and mood lighting to complete the room and make it suitable for two.

Furniture - $522

A new desk corrals the clutter and adds a stylish touch to the corner. (computer desk: Target - 074040043; task lamp: Target - 074020222; desk accessories: Ross)

A dark wood entertainment center better houses all of the electronics and also provides more storage. (entertainment center: IKEA - Docent, 0035165 / 70035360

Small round side tables hold the uplights for the hanging lamps. (side tables: Urban Outfitters - 052007444, 08545006)

Headboard and Bedding - $210

Snijders creates a custom headboard that gives the room a graphic, textural look. He cuts rectangular and square shapes out of wood boards and drills holes into the corners. Iron-on veneering cleans up the edges; light and dark shades of stain give it even more visual interest.

Before the boards are attached to the wall, black paint is applied to the areas on the wall that will show in between each board. Bolts and nuts (which are spray-painted black) hold the boards to the wall.

Baltzer brings in a unique bed covering made out of bath towels. She cuts 14-1/2" x 14-1/2" squares out of the towels and sews them together in six rows of six squares. The six rows are stitched together and paired with a plain flat sheet for the backside of the duvet. (bathroom towels: Target - 064012238 green; toss pillows: Target - 067080975; pillows: Bed Bath & Beyond - 80622201290 sand satin, 76706401981 dupioni silk)

Accessories and Lighting - $210

Burbridge's lighting solution is two "pillars" of light that flank the headboard and hang from the ceiling over the new end tables. The light source is an uplight, which is placed on the table directly under the hanging shade. The shades are created by stitching a tube of polyester; wreath forms from a floral supply store create the dimension. Each shade hangs from the ceiling with ball chain that's attached to one of the wreath forms. (uplight lamps: Lamps Plus - 38920 opal case, wreath forms: Floral and Craft Rings, 3 Ring Circles)

Paint and Supplies - $54

The existing fan is disguised with spray paint and new shades. Snijders disassembles the fan and paints the blades black. Everything else is sprayed with silver paint. The shades are replaced with more contemporary pieces.

The white walls are livened up with a subtle sage green paint. (wall paint: Mark's Paint Store - Benjamin Moore, HC-132 Harrisburg Green)

Project Total - $996

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