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"Grandma's Button" Metal Clay Pendant

Follow these instructions to make your own Old World style pendant.

Project by Shahasp Valentine, San Francisco, Calif.

Shahasp loves anything to do with the Renaissance, Gothic architecture and the Old World past. Her jewelry designs are inspired by those passions. In this project, she makes a pendant from precious metal clay molded from one of her grandmother's old buttons.

Materials and Tools:

button or other object to make impression in clay
Fimo clay for the mold
rolling pin
olive oil
oven/toaster oven
necklace chain
precious metal clay (PMC)
gemstone for the pendant
pearl embellishments
wire brush
materials to burnish and polish pendant


1. Knead up the Fimo until soft. Roll it out and oil it with olive oil. Oil the button, press into the clay and lift out, making an impression.

2. Bake in the oven according to package instructions. This is your mold. Oil the baked mold and press the PMC into it. Remove the piece from the mold and lay it down.

3. Insert the findings and set the stone in the piece. Let dry. Fire the dry piece in the kiln. When the kiln cools down, take out the fired piece and brush with a wire brush to remove the kiln coating.

4. Burnish and polish the piece. Add the pearl dangles and chain.

Editor's note: There is a PMC available on the market today that doesn't require kiln-firing, but can be "fired" with a torch or the flame of a gas oven.

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