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How to Create Glass Holiday Ornaments

Follow these steps by Priscilla Hauser to create your own glass ornament.


Folk Art artist’s pigments: Hauser green dark #461 and light #459, titanium white #480, pure black #479
an old, well-worn round
KALA Golden Onyx 2200 shader/bright (flat) brush: size 8
3" and 4" round glass ornaments
transparency film for ink jet printer *
paper snow
brush basin
Masterson Sta-Wet Palette
soft, absorbent 100% cotton rags or very soft paper towels
tracing paper
patter (if desired)

* With a rough surface on one side or transparency film (smooth surface acetate.)

For the pattern/painting design for this project, click on the PDF tree pattern file at the right.

Figure A


1. Measure the glass container to determine proper circle size (figure A). Mark circle layout on the transparency film or acetate.

Figure B

2. Cut out acetate circles using a circle template and favorite cutting tools (figure B).

Figure C

3. Place acetate circle cutout over painting pattern. Secure in place with a piece of tape and paint the design (figure C) (see below). Let dry.

Figure D

4. Using a funnel made from a piece of paper, drop small amounts of holiday snow into the mouth of the ornament (figure D).

Figure E

5. Roll the completed acetate circle small enough to fit into the mouth of the glass ornament. Hold glass with one hand and insert rolled acetate circle with the other hand. Use tweezers or chopsticks to straighten the circle (figure E).

Figure F

6. Place the cap onto the ornament. Make sure that the prongs are on each side of the painted acetate circle (figure F).

Figure G

7. Embellish the top of the ornament with favorite ribbons, cording, or holiday greenery (figure G). Glue in place.

Figure H

To paint the acetate circle:

1. For the painting: Place small amounts of paint on the wet palette. Pick up a small amount of Hauser green dark on the old round brush. Dab the green loosely on the trees (figure H).

Figure I

2. Carefully dab on a little pure black for depth (figure I).

Figure J

3. Dab on a little Hauser green light (figure J) and

Figure K

4. Highlight with a few dabs of titanium white (figure K).

Figure L

5. Using the flat brush, pick up a tiny touch of the Hauser green dark on one corner of the brush and titanium white on the other side of the brush. Blend on the palette. Brush this "snow" over the tree with the green on the top or next to the tree (figure L).

6. Pick up titanium white (thinned with a touch of water) on an old toothbrush. Pull your thumb over the bristles to throw little specks of "snow." Let dry.

7. Insert into the ornament as described above.

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