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Interior Door Repairs

Learn how to fix problems with doors around the house with these expert tips.

Handyman Darcy Westlind demonstrates some simple fixes for doors in the house:

  • For a stuck door, visually inspect the gap around the door to see where it is tight. Adjust upper or lower hinges, depending on which way the door needs to be adjusted.

  • A cardboard shim can be placed behind a hinge to adjust it for a better fit.

  • Replace hinge screws with long — at least three inches — wood screws. Sometimes these will pull a jamb back into alignment and solve the problem.

  • For a door that rattles, add small rubber cushions to the door stop to tighten the gap between the door and stop. The cushions will also make a door close more quietly.

  • For a tighter fit, adjust the catch in the strike plate by bending it with a screwdriver or nail set.

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