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Windmill Birdhouse

Create your own birdhouse with recycled wood by following these steps.

Project by Michael Donato Parayno of Berkeley, California.

Michael says his upbringing in the Philippines taught him to appreciate the re-use of discarded objects. He makes incredible birdhouses from old fence boards and other found objects. In this segment, he creates a windmill birdhouse.

Materials and Tools:

barn boards
fence boards
door face plate
glass door knob
copper sheets
one rusty nail
metal shears
hole saw bit for drill
powered screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
miter saw


1. Cut two 14-inch equal pieces of a fence or barn board. Trace out your design. Cut the design on both pieces of wood with a jigsaw.

2. Put a doorknob plate on the piece of wood that you will use as the front.

3. Drill the birdhouse hole using a drill saw. Create a 1-1/4- to 1-1/2-inch hole, depending on what kind of bird you want to attract.

4. Cut small pieces of wood to make the window frame on the piece of wood that will be the back of the birdhouse, and nail those in place.

5. Cut two pieces of wood that will be used as a side. Use 3- to 6-inch-wide boards so the nesting site is adequate.

6. Drill a big hole for the glass doorknob to be screwed onto a 2-5/8-inch bolt. Assemble the frame of the birdhouse.

7. Cut out the copper for the windmill fans, 3" x 5" each, and nail to four matching pieces of wood.

8. Screw the fan blades into place. Put a base on the windmill, and you’re done

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