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Mermaid Doll

Find out how to make a handmade toy for the children in your family.

Project by Kim Higgins from Portland, Ore.

Kim started making dolls when her daughter was born. In this project, she makes a fantastic mermaid doll — one of her daughter’s favorites.

Materials and Tools:

2 oz. Romney wool roving
4 oz. 100 percent clean carded lambswool batting
2" x 8" cotton tubular stockinette
2 oz. mohair yarn
strong white craft string
1/4 yard silk or cotton velour
cotton interlock knit
embroidery floss
winter gloves or other thick gloves
chop stick
5" dollmaking needle
ball point sewing needle
decorative trims


1. Wind a tight round ball of coarse sheep roving to create the head core. Cover the head with wool batting and then with stockinette so it creates a long shape attached to the head.

2. Stitch by hand with string to create eye lines, ear lines, nose, neck, breasts, waist, and buttocks.

3. Cover the head and body core with skin fabric. Sew the arm and tail, stuff with wool, and sew onto body. Make eye sockets and embroider eyes and mouth. Add cheek color.

4 . To make a top: Crochet a top, or stitch one from fabric. Attach top. To make hair: Crochet or stitch hair together with sewing machine and attach by hand onto head.

5. Embellish as desired.

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