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Resin Circle Necklace

Add a vintage feel to your jewelry collection with this homemade necklace.

Project by Jennifer Perkins from Austin, Texas.

For Jennifer, crafting is almost a religion. In fact, she credits her mom, "the patron saint of crafters," with preaching the praises of resin work and inspiring her. Among Jennifer's jewelry creations is this resin necklace with a vintage feel and a tribute to her love of her furry friends.

Materials and Tools:

digital camera
computer with printer
graphics program to crop pictures
casting resin
black dye for resin
plastic cups
plastic painter's palette
jump rings
crimping beads
jewelry string
closures and clasps
vintage beads


1. Crop digital photos on the computer to the correct size you need. Then print them on photo paper and cut them out.

2. Pour resin is in three stages: Pour stage one and wait about 20 minutes.

3. Pour stage two, which is where you embed the picture. Wait again.

4. Pour stage three, which includes adding the glitter and then the last layer of resin. This stage needs to dry at least 24 hours.

5. Pop the cured resin out of the mold and get ready to sand.

6. Sand and drill the resin until it is smooth and has holes for making into jewelry.

7. Spray with a topcoat of clear spray paint. Once dried, attach jump rings with pliers. Attach the four pieces of resin you just made into a centerpiece.

8. After these are attached, string them with vintage matching beads, using jewelry parts like wire, crimp beads, clasps, etc.

9. For a finishing touch with some jewelry glue and razzle-dazzle stones, add some extra sparkle to the resin chunks.

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