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Sterling Silver Beetle Necklace

Learn how to create a stylish piece of jewelry with these steps.

Project by Teri Blond from San Antonio, Texas.

Teri has had a fascination with beetles ever since she was a small child. This self-taught artist found a way to combine her metal skills with her bug fetish to create unusual and eye-catching sterling silver beetle necklaces.

Materials and Tools:

24-gauge sterling silver sheet
18-gauge sterling silver round wire
Czech glass stones
fine-tip black permanent marker
silver and gold paint pens
blue-violet glitter
330 epoxy resin
basic jewelry working tools
pitch bowl
metal file
chrome polish
jewelry bale


1. Make a wire outline of the bug.

2. Cut a piece of flat silver. Solder outline and flat silver together. Trim and file.

3. Turn the bug face down into a pitch bowl and form with a dap.

4. Attach the legs, bale and antennae.

5. Pickle the piece and polish the tops of the wire.

6. Use a silver paint pen to fill between the wires.

7. Use a fine-tip black marker to make decorations on the surface.

8. Apply epoxy and glitter.

9. Set the stones and the pearls as desired.

10. Buff with a good chrome polish.

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