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Twelve-Petal Flower Design

Designer Rami Kim shares her beautiful wearable quilts and demonstrates how to add a Chopkey flower embellishment.

Quilt artist Rami Kim demonstrates the Chopkey Flower embellishment technique. This technique can accentuate purses, quilts and clothing. Instructions provided courtesy of designer Rami Kim.

Materials and Tools:

three colors of fabric


1. Cut 24 squares, 3-1/2" on each side. These can be one color, different colors or a combination of colors.

2. To make a single petal, cut two 4-1/2" squares of the same color. Sew them together and stitch around the entire perimeter about 1/4" from the edge.

3. Trim the corners so that the edges of the petal will be sharp.

4. Make a slit in the center of one side of the material by separating the sides and folding in the center. Turn the material inside out using through the slit.

5. Make the corners sharp then press the square using a steam iron.

6. Place the fabric on a work surface, split side up.

7. Bring the bottom corner up to the top corner then press again to make a crease on the bias fold.

8. Fold the top corner over the bias crease, extending 1/4" beyond crease. Press.

Diagram 1 - Grasp the point at the right end of the fold and position it at point A as shown in diagram and make a thumb crease along edge B, then fold it open.

Diagram 2 - Grasping the right hand point, fold along edge B.

Diagram 3 - Fold left point and fold it across to point C and press along crease of edge D.

Diagram 4 - Grasping the left hand point, fold along edge B.

Diagram 5 - Open as shown in diagram.

Diagram 6 - Fold creases E and F toward each other.

Diagram 7 - Align edges B and D and whip stitch to connect petals one and two. Press firmly, using steam. Repeat this until you have 12 petals.

Diagram 8 - Then fold each petal into the next one and use a lateral stitch to hold them together. Mount the assembled flower on the background fabric using beads through all layers only at the point shown in diagram.

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