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Hand-Painted Art Sachet

Decorate a hand painted art sachet with your own unique design.

Project by Cathy Dailey from Athens, Ga.

Cathy loves her cat — so much so that she considers her cat to be her muse. She makes hand-painted art sachets that feature — who else? Her cat.

Materials and Tools:

printable iron-on paper
white cotton fabric
fabric for the back of the sachet
dried lavender
cotton batting
beaded fringe
hot glue gun or fabric glue
sewing machine/serger

Figure B


1. Draw (and paint/color) your design and scan it into the computer.

2. Print the drawing on iron-on paper.

3. Iron paper onto small piece of white cotton fabric.

Figure C

4. Match up fabric to the artwork for the reverse side.

5. Serge the two pieces together on three sides. Cut out.

Figure D

6. Stuff with lavender and cotton batting.

7. Serge the top closed.

Figure E

8. Apply the ribbon and beaded fringe with a glue gun or fabric glue.


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