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Polymer Clay Bug Photo Holder

In this project, Jodie Flowers makes a polymer clay bug photo holder.

Project by Jodie Flowers from Abita Springs, La.

As a child, Jodie knew two things for certain: She loved bugs and she loved art. So it is no surprise that as a big kid, she is doing what she has always loved most.

Materials and Tools:

four 10" pieces of wire
polymer clay
round nose pliers


1. Cut four 10" pieces of wire. Bend each piece of wire into a V shape.

2. Sculpt the bug's body from polymer clay. You will need a head, a thorax and an abdomen — one small egg shape (head), one round ball shape (thorax), and one more egg shape (about four times the size of the head) for the abdomen.

3. Put all three parts together by mashing them tightly.

4. Stick three of the V-shaped pieces of wire into the thorax, mashing the clay all around to secure the legs in the clay.

5. Stick the remaining V-shaped wire into the top of the head to form the antennae.

6. Bake at 275 F degrees for about 20 minutes. Let cool.

7. Curl wire legs and antennae in spirals with round-nose pliers. Adjust the legs so that they can stand on a tabletop.

8. Paint as desired, giving your bug some eyes and a large smile. These colorful bugs are a scream! They hold photos, messages, business cards and nametags for table place settings in their antennae.


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