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Hillside Slide

Dan Berger helps this family makeover their hillside landscape into a family-friendly outdoor space.

With two young children, Jean Marie and Robert Beanland would like to convert their dry, empty hillside into a area for play and relaxing. Landscape designer Dan Berger comes up with a plan to please everyone — a hillside slide for the kids and a seating area at the top for Mom and Dad.

There was nothing but dry soil and rocks on this bare hillside before Dan stepped in to create a family-friendly outdoor space.

An inexpensive gravel path and stairs will make it easy for the parents to climb the hill too.

Plants like carpet roses and New Zealand flax will fill in over time

At the top of the slide, planter boxes made from scrap wood offer a place to sit and add more color to the scene.


    • Awning material from Acme Awning
    • Slide from Jensen Swing Products
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