Wine-Country Patio

Homeowners Jenna and Steve Pelaez redesign small yard into patio retreat with grape arbor, flagstone and plants.

  • Homeowners Jenna and Steve Pelaez want to transform their small yard into a cozy patio retreat. Designer Karen McAloon's wine-country-inspired design includes an arbor to accommodate grape vines.
  • The space as it looked before was uninviting.
  • An old table has a new mosaic top, thanks to plates bought at second-hand stores. The plates were broken inside a plastic bag, then the shards were arranged on the tabletop and grouted.
  • A local winery was giving old barrels away, so one of them becomes a water feature. A hole is drilled in each end and a tube run from one end to the other. Water is pumped up the tube, spills over the side of the barrel and is caught by a second barrel that's been cut in half and partly buried in the ground for stability.
  • The new flagstone patio provides a welcoming place to sit, and a grapevine arbor frames the area. The neighbor's dog has been fenced out of the area, and the homeowners can enjoy the fragrance of the new plants, including lavender, oregano, thyme and rosemary. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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