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Air-Brushed Ceramic Dish

Learn how to sculpt a unique and creative ceramic dish with this air brushing technique.

Project by Alejandra Almuelle from Austin, Texas.

A native of Peru, Alejandra Almuelle feels that she was born to sculpt. She celebrates her strong Peruvian legacy of pottery, but there is nothing traditional about her finished clay work and ceramics. Using two exciting techniques — air-brushing and graffito — Alejandra creates beautiful plates, bowls and vases, all one-of-a-kind, easy to make and intriguing to view.

Materials and Tools:

low-fire clay
commercial underglazes
commercial clear glaze (cone 05)
clay tools
plaster mold
paint brushes
potter's wheel
leaves (optional)


1. Make a slab with a roller, rolling over leaves to created an impression in the clay.

2. Cut out the shape with a needle.

3. Place it on the slump mold and throw the base using a coil.

4. After it is hard but not dry, lift the tray from the mold.

5. Using an airbrush and paint brushes, apply the underglazes on the surface.

6. Draw in any designs. After four days, bisque fire the piece.

7. Apply a coat of clear glaze and fire it again (glaze fire this time).


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