Design a Relaxing Getaway

This unorganized family room is transformed into a functional, relaxing getaway.

Before: Unorganized Family Room

Most of us have one room in our home that's a catch-all for just about everything -- TV-watching, reading, storage, pet lounge, game room and so on. And for most of us, it's horribly disorganized and really doesn't manage to serve even one of those purposes properly.

In this client's family room, I was faced with just such a challenge. The sunken family room was just off the kitchen and had a door that led to the back deck. The space served a mishmash of masters, from being the only spot in the house for the kids to watch TV to being the pet zone for the family budgie and guinea pig. There was constant traffic going through here, and all the leftover furniture from the rest of the house was retired to this spot.

The result was a cluttered, unorganized and unattractive space that cried out with potential.

I decided I needed to start with a clean palette in order to configure an organization plan for the room, so I moved out all the old furniture (some of it permanently), books, games, pets and people. This gave me clean access to the walls, floor and windows.

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