Putting Some Spice in Little Girl's Room

The decor in this space needs to grow up as Arley has. The new design will take her through her childhood until she hits her teens.

After: Pink Girl's Room

I chose a very subtle pink for the wall -- not too girly-girly, but still soft and feminine. The walls were base-coated with this color and from the chair-rail down were striped with a creamy yellow color.

Once the color scheme had been established, I tackled the window. It was actually a great little spot that wasn't being used -- it was recessed about three feet and was the perfect spot to build in a small window seat.

I really wanted to create a spot for Arley to curl up and read books or just daydream, so I gave it some importance by building a wooden pediment for the top of the window frame. It was hand-painted with romantic swirls in the same colors that were on the wall.

I swagged two-floor length panels of color-coordinated drapery on either side. My favorite part of this was the pom-pom fringe that ran down the inside seam. The addition of an overstuffed seat cushion and fitted roman blind completed this little girl's getaway.

Now for the big girl bed. I brought in an antique iron twin bed and added a trundle bed underneath for the inevitable sleepovers. We dressed it with comfortable linens and colorful throw pillows. A bookcase with slide-out baskets hid all of Arley's toys and treasures. A toy box against the wall provided more storage, and a small round table for the middle of the room was the perfect spot for afternoon tea parties.

I wanted the lighting to be soft yet functional, so I started with two antique wall sconces on the sidewall. This provided great light on the side of the room that wasn't flooded with the natural light from the window.

The closet was a mirror image of the window seat, with the painted pediment and swagged curtain. The closet actually was quite large and provided yet another hideaway for Arley to play in.

The decor in this space will grow up as Arley does. It will easily take her through her childhood until she hits her teens and wants to do away with all my hard work.

In the meantime, put on the teakettle and pull up a chair. We're ready for a proper little girl's tea party.

(Interior decorator Candice Olson is host of Home & Garden Television's Divine Design.)

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