Putting Some Spice in Little Girl's Room

The decor in this space needs to grow up as Arley has. The new design will take her through her childhood until she hits her teens.

Before: A Baby's Room

Sugar and spice and everything nice. Isn't that what little girls are supposed to be made of? Unfortunately, we all know it's not that simple.

In the case of my client and her 3-year old daughter, Arley, being a girl (as opposed to a baby) means it's time for a room update. As a little girl grows up, so should her bedroom. And that's where I get called in.

Moving from a crib to a bed is a big step for a child, and I'm a firm believer in making their bedroom a place for so much more than sleeping. It should be a getaway, an imagination playroom and a warm ... a welcoming spot to play games and dream. Arley has a big personality and I thought the design of the room should reflect that.

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