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Makeover With Glass and Stainless Steel Accents

This couple's kitchen remodel turned into an exterior redo of the home.


Yana and Bryan Koffman are a fun couple with big plans. They started to remodel their kitchen and decided that they needed to expand to the exterior of their house. They have a bland front yard with no expression of their personality. They want a very sleek, modern design. That's where designer Kem Theilg comes in.


Here's how they accomplish it:

  • replace windows with modern steel moldings
  • paint house in bold dark shades
  • install a stainless steel garage door
  • remove corbels
  • add new lights and house numbers
  • install new door gate
  • replace meter boxes with glass and stainless steel
  • add planter boxes along the walkway
  • lay new red stone walkway

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