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How to Create a Round Mosaic-Framed Mirror

Crafter Elise Rich shows how to craft a mosaic mirror.

Project by Elise Rich.

Her day job is as a maternity nurse, but in her free time Elise Rich is the queen of mosaic work.

Materials and Tools:

wooden base
various colors of glass
glass cutters/nippers
sponge, water


1. Draw design on the wooden base.

2. Adhere the desired shape of mirror to the center of the base .

3. Use glass cutters or nippers to cut the different colors of glass into a variety of shapes.

4. Lay the glass pieces down, outlining the design on the base.

5 . Use adhesive to secure the glass in place.

6. Fill in the rest of the mosaic with the rest of the glass pieces.

7. Grout the project according to manufacturer's instructions.

8. After the grout dries, seal the mosaic.


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