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Quilter Eileen Doughty

Eileen Doughty shares some tips on how to quilt with metallic threads.

Eileen Doughty from Virginia creates beautiful work by "painting" fabric, using thread like brush strokes.

Quilting Tip

Doughty uses a colorful palette of threads to create one-of-a-kind quilt work. To achieve your own unusual results, consider hand quilting with metallic threads. Host Alex Anderson offers these quick metallic thread tips:

1. Metallic thread is often metal wrapped around a nylon cord. If you pull it in the wrong direction, the metal will literally pull away from the cord. To avoid this, thread your needle and knot the thread while it's still on the spool. This will help you remember which end to cut so the thread remains in the correct wrap.

2. After threading and knotting, cut the thread.

3. Once you've made a stitch with metallic thread, while you're pulling the thread through, don't pull on the needle. Instead, pull on the thread. Pulling on the needle will often break the metal in the thread.

4. Every three or four stitches, adjust the tail of the thread to prevent any one area of it from weakening at the point where it's threaded through the needle.

While it takes a little more time to work with metallic thread when hand quilting, the results are really nice.

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