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A Haven for a Hectic Family

The Lyons-Fisher family gets help organizing their cluttered master bedroom and adjoining office.


Master Bedroom

George and Colleen Lyons-Fisher have a master bedroom that has plenty of space but not much peace. The furniture and floor are buried under piles of clothes and luggage that never seem to make it to the closet, dirty clothes or dressers.


The adjacent sitting room, used as an office, is full of broken furniture, computer parts and uncontrolled paper. The couple would like to reclaim the space for relaxation and productivity.


The sofa — intended as a gathering spot for the family — is inaccessible because of, you guessed it, piles of clothes.


Instead of hanging things up in the crowded and jumbled closets, clothing just gets dropped on the floor or any other horizontal surface.

Professional organizer Kendra Muscella has a plan that will make it easy for the Lyons-Fishers to find clothes and put them away in the bedroom as well as make a functional office.

The biggest challenge is weeding out all the excess clothes. Kendra's rule of thumb for this problem is: If it was destroyed by a fire or flood, would you miss it?

After a manageable quantity is determined, the amount remains fixed by using another rule of thumb: something new in, something old out. Once everything has an assigned place, it is much easier to maintain good habits for organizing clothes.


Master Bedroom

New nightstands and a mirror over the bed help define the bedroom once it is excavated from underneath all the clothes. Some of the larger furniture pieces have also been removed to create more floor space.


The tidy office now has a repaired chair at the desk and a new placement for the inviting armchair. Paper clutter was diminished and organized into attractive files and baskets. A wireless mouse and keyboard cut down on cord mess.


The sofa, with a soft slipcover and fresh pillows, can finally be used as it was intended, as a relaxing spot to visit with the family.

The bureau was removed from this wall and replaced with a seating arrangement that creates a focal point at the entry of the bedroom.


With vertical wall space filled with adjustable shelves, shoe racks, variable and height rods, the two walk-in closets provide adequate storage for all the clothes from the dresser and bureaus as well as weeded-out hanging items.

This once disastrous area has been transformed into an efficient office as well as a calm bedroom and sitting area for everyone to enjoy.

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