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Clutter Busters

An artistic couple needs help organizing their new home.

Toni Bourgeois and Adam Crawford moved into a fixer-upper city row house over a year ago. They immediately put in new floors and walls but stopped when it came to unpacking. They have never taken the time to go through the boxes and crates full of toys, books, mementos and forgotten "stuff" that fill their combination living/dining room.

The old tired furniture doesn't match or function well.

Crates full of books and boxes full of surprises cover the living room floor.

The dining area was filled with unfiled papers, tools, even extra doors from remodeling projects. Bon appetit!

This couple needs help learning how to let go of items and create an organized lifestyle.

Professional organizer Jen Doman comes to their rescue with low-cost ideas to for a cool, '50s-style space that captures both of their unusual styles.

Her plan is to divide the living and dining area with a storage unit and unify the look of the seating (that fuchsia couch has to go!). Plenty of shelving and sophisticated gray walls will help complete the sharp city look.

Matching chairs and couch, and a funky '50s rug unify the living area. Treasured toy collections are now displayed in the dining area on floating shelves.

An entertainment unit topped by an original painting creates a focal point and provides book storage, too.

A handsome geometric storage unit that separates the living and dining area is perfect for colorful storage and display.

Perhaps the most dramatic change occurred in the dining room. The newly defined dining area has great new lighting and a family heirloom mirror to brighten the space.

Makeover Information

Products from The Container Store:

Sienna profile shelves
archival album storage boxes
race car display cube
aluminum document frame
various storage boxes

Products from Hold Everything:

Mercer media TV stand
Natural open closet boxes
Blue open closet boxes

Products from West Elm:

Chocolate bent wood chairs with flax sueded chair
White oval hanging light
Geometric storage unit

Products from Stacks and Stacks:

Lumiere floor lamp, Ella floor lamps

Products from Smart Furniture:

Natural shelving unit

Products from Rubbermaid:

tote lockers

Product from Oriac Design:

Munjo blue carpet

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

Pure White SW7005 semigloss
Morning Fog SW6255 flat-superpaint
Serious Gray SW6256 flat-superpaint
primer paint

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