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Haunted House Centerpiece

Add to your Halloween decorations by creating a haunted house out of foam. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


craft foam
hot glue gun
utility knife
white lead pencil
yellow vellum
felt-tip marker
strings of white battery-powered lights


1. Draw a paper template of each side of the house, and then trace around each window and door to transfer the designs to the foam (figure A). Cut them out using a utility knife. Glue the four sides together and reinforce the corners by wrapping them with one-inch-wide strips of foam to give the foundation of the house some strength.

2. Cut the roof, door/window casings and trim, mullions and chimneys out of other colors of foam and glue each piece in place.

3. Use a ruler and marker to draw diagonal lines on the vellum, and then glue them to the inside of each window for a stained-glass effect (figure B).

4. Tuck the lights inside so it glows at night.

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