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Contemporary Living Room Makeover for Less Than $500

Watch as this living room and entryway are transformed into updated contemporary spaces for under $500.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Barbara Sculati give a dull living room and entryway an updated, contemporary look. Before, the living room and entry way had stark white walls which created an unappealing contrast in the spaces.

The entryway felt uninviting and cold. Mismatched furniture lined the walls in this plain space. Both spaces were needing new color schemes, a change of layout and some minor style updates.

The stark white walls in the living room are painted a golden color. A brown stripe is painted the perimeter of the living room walls.

A 1x8 and 1x4 is formed into a box shelf for the mantel and painted with textured paint to mimic the mortar in the fireplace.

The TV cabinet is given an interesting finish with gel stain. The stain is brushed on then small circles are created with a craft brush.

A brown and gold-colored linen is stitched together to create a striped effect at the top of the windows, which blends in with the painted stripe on the wall. Natural fiber shades replace the existing mini-blinds.

Sculati creates do-it-yourself chenille pillows out of four layers of fabric. Choose four fabrics with ends that fray easily (wash and dry a small piece to test it first), then cut the fabric into 22-inch squares. Layer the four fabrics and sew them together on the diagonal in one-half inch rows. Next, cut through the top three layers only. Finally, wash and dry as normal.

A changeable photo gallery is created with a metal plate attached to the wall and magnet clips to hold the photos. New accessories int he living room include wooden trivets used as wall art and a vase on the mantel.

The entry walls are painted a soft green color and a graphic-patterned rug is placed on the floor to help warm the space.

New pieces are incorporated into the space including a light fixture, table lamp, mirror and cushion for the existing bench. The old plastic bin is replaced with a small cabinet.

A credenza is given a unique look with metallic tape used for fixing duct work. The tape is adhered to the top, sides and drawer fronts and crinkled up as it's applied to create a textural effect. Black shoe polish is rubbed on to knock down the shine and emphasize the texture.

Cost Information

$74 - Paint
$55 - Credenza
$15 - Mantel
$45 - TV Cabinet
$60 - Rug
$131 - Window Treatments
$11 - Throw and Pillows
$35 - Entryway Accessories
$25 - Toy Box
$13 - Magnetic Photo Gallery
$23 - Living Room Accessories

$487 - Total Cost

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