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Witch Cauldron Candy Holder

Hold trick-or-treat candy in a witch's cauldron that's waist high and has funky striped legs.

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Materials and Tools:

large wicker witch cauldron (available at craft and party stores)
two 1-1/4" dowels (36" in length)
quilt batting
black shoes or boots
1 yard striped fabric
2" hole saw
screws (regular and drywall)
black fabric
green craft foam
utility knife
large buckles
hot glue gun

Figure A


1. Cut the plywood into a round shape for the base and paint it green. Let dry.

2. Set the shoes or boots in position and mark the location of each heel on the base. Set the shoes aside and drill two pilot holes through the plywood so they'll be in the center of the shoe heels. Drill holes in the bottom of the shoes so that a wooden dowel passes through.

3. Cut the striped fabric in half lengthwise. Fold each piece over with right sides together to create long bands and pin them in place. Stitch along the pinned side to create long tubes. Turn them right side out.

4. Lay a rectangular piece of quilt batting flat and place a dowel along one long edge. Put two large clumps of fiberfill to create the contours of the leg where the thigh and calf muscles would be. Roll it all up to form the leg and stuff it into the stocking, adding a ball of fiberfill for the kneecap. Slip a dowel through each shoe and screw it to the base from underneath through the pre-drilled holes.

Figure B

5. Use a hole saw to cut two discs of plywood and screw them to the top of the dowels after drilling pilot holes. Place the cauldron on the discs and use drywall screws to attach it to them from the inside of the cauldron.

6. Cover the cauldron with black material to make a skirt for the witch (cut the edges to create fringe). Glue buckles to the front of the shoes.

Figure C

7. Cut a favorite Halloween phrase ("trick or treat, smell my feet," for example) out of craft foam using a utility knife and glue the letters to the front of the skirt. Fill the cauldron with candy and place it near the door.

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