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Spaghetti and Meatballs Costume

Learn how to turn a favorite meal into your Halloween costume.

Materials and Tools:

large cardboard box
box cutter
checkered tablecloth
spray adhesive
plastic plate
hot glue gun
plastic flatware
silver, brown and red craft paint
flower vase
salt and pepper shakers
foam balls
thick beige yarn
red ball cap
red turtleneck and sweatpants


1. To make the table, cut the bottom and sides out of a cardboard box to leave legs and a sturdy tabletop. Cut a hole in the center large enough for the child's head to fit through.

2. Paint the legs silver and let dry.

3. Attach a tablecloth with spray adhesive and cut a hole in the center. Cut a matching hole in a plastic plate and glue it over the hole in the cloth. Glue a cup, napkin, plastic flatware, flower vase and salt and pepper shakers to the table to simulate a place setting.

4. Glue strands of yarn and brown-painted foam balls to the baseball cap. Drizzle with red paint to simulate sauce and glue a fork to the yarn.

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