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Blueberry Cluster Costume

This cute costume is a combination of simple materials and a little sewing, perfect for a child of any age.

Materials and Tools:

blue sweatshirt and pants
safety pins
blue balloons
green felt
brown pipe cleaners
brown elastic or brown ribbon
empty tissue paper roll
hot glue gun

Figure A


1. Cut out four or five double-thick green felt grapevine leaves and a green felt circle about six inches in diameter. Top-stitch two leaves together with brown thread and sew some veining if desired. Repeat for the remaining leaves.

Figure B

2. Make the stem by covering the tissue paper roll with brown felt and hot-glue it to the green felt circle.

Figure C

3. Glue the leaves to the felt circle as desired and add some curly brown pipe cleaners as the final touch (wrap them around a pencil to curl them). Hand-sew the elastic or ribbons to the bottom to keep the hat on.

4. Blow up the balloons and carefully pin them to the front and back of the sweatshirt.

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