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Personality for a Cottage

This '50s cottage-style home was all driveway and no personality until it was reinvigorated with a makeover.


This '50s cottage-style home is all driveway and no personality. The whole front yard is busted up concrete and zero landscape. The goal is to make a more inviting porch where our homeowner can entertain as well as transform the driveway to accommodate her 16-year-old son's new car.


Homeowner Laurie Vermont has a son who is gearing up for life in the fast lane as a new driver. Designer, Tom Leach envisions a new driveway, a new front porch and a reinvigorated carport to fit her son's new car. Here's how they accomplish it:


  • put in a new driveway
  • rebuild the front porch
  • new paint on house
  • install new front doors

  • After

  • replace fiberglass carport
  • add a low cost trellis
  • put up a new mailbox

  • Resources(Hide)

    • Mailbox from Architectural Mailboxes
      Garage storage from Slide-lok
      Front & side doors from Simpson Door Company
      Door hardware from Jackson's Hardware
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