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Dramatic and Defined Living/Dining Room

This couple needs help transforming their living/dining room into a mature space that fits their lifestyle.

Margarita and Patrick Vacanti need a living and dining room that expresses their style and maturity so it's time for a makeover by student designer Jessica Thompson. Jessica has two days and $2,000 to take this small, boring space and add color and cohesion. She includes a new color palette, suspended TV stand and a dining nook.

The Vacanitis have another baby on the way and their daughter currently has run of their living/dining room. The couple would like a more elegant space that they feel comfortable entertaining in. The view to the dining area reveals that it needs some attention as well. Jessica plans to use the work of a local artist, David Goines, as inspiration for her color scheme.

A furniture shuffle, new mantel and fresh coat of green paint on the fireplace open the space up. A TV unit with suspension cable anchoring it to the wall adds subtle visual height.

Both wall-mounted seating, which allows the table to be moved closer to the wall, and shelves that replace the spindles in the wall opening add contemporary flair to the dining area.

Makeover Information

carved trunk (used as a coffee table) (Valencia Interiors)
chair (R Carolina chair) (Pier 1 Imports)
dining table (Green Leaf) (Country Living)

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