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Stylish Apartment Living Room

Host Joan Steffend and designer Nadia Remirez bring color and style to a young woman’s cluttered apartment.

This apartment living room is lacking a defined style. Two experts, Joan Steffend and Nadia Remirez, step in to declutter and update this young woman's living room.

The furniture is mismatched and the space is full of clutter. The room's layout makes the space feel cramped and messy while the white walls make the space dull and boring.

Our experts completely transform the outdated living room. A lavender matelassé coverlet is draped over the existing futon for a quick and easy update, while King-size bed pillows and shams make the futon more comfortable.

A larger coffee table is centered in front of the futon. Floor cushions are placed by the coffee table for an informal spot to dine. Three picnic mats are used as a floor covering underneath the table. The weight of the table keeps them firmly in place.

The homeowner's large drum is hidden behind a console, which is painted brown and covered with bamboo place mats to give it more style.

An old door is used for a dining table and it's also outfitted with a shelf underneath to hold the homeowner's keyboard. Glass is cut to fit the door panels to make it one smooth surface.

Color is added to the walls with painted canvases. Wavy stripes are painted on each canvas with diluted craft paint to bring bold color into the small space.

Makeover Information

$58 - Accessories

  • place mats: Pier 1 - 1995076
  • table mats: Per 1 - 1937386
  • iron candleholders: Pier 1 - 1643001
  • striped pillow: Marshalls - 005056488
  • pink vase: Nordstrom - 429235343889

$110 - Sheers

  • sheers: Target - Home, Merlot 3573218352

$15 - Coverlet

  • futon coverlet: Marshalls - Colchas S. Domingos, Twin 70" X90" 007601372

$49 - Pillows

  • pillow shams: Marshall Field's - Waterford Bedding, 038992524020

$5 - Coffee Table

  • coffee table: garage sale

$50 - Floor Cushions

  • floor cushions: Marshalls - 013760296

$10 - Floor Mats

  • floor mats: Pier 1 - Bali Mat, 2001969

$30 - Console

  • mats for console: Pier 1 - Pmat Reed Sticks, 1995076

$40 - Butterfly Chair

  • butterfly chair: Nordstrom

$32 - Dining Table/Counter

  • counter door: garage sale

$10 - Rug

  • rug: garage sale

$81 - Wall Paintings

  • artist's canvas: Blick Art Materials - 82435
  • paint: Jo-Ann Fabrics - Hot Pink, Fuchsia, Wickerwhite, Licorice, Purple Lilac

$500 - Total Cost

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