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Constructed Wood 3-D Paintings

Alyson Souza makes three-dimensional wood art paintings that have moving parts and illumination.

Being the daughter of two artists, Alyson Souza began to make art before she can remember. Creating wood construction three-dimensional paintings, Alyson's unconventional work is meant to evoke the feel of a theatre set or a pop-up book. Her pieces are meant to be seen as short stories, inspired by conversations and visual things that surround her. Although her painting is traditional, the subject matter is surreal and has a more modern graphic quality. Many of her paintings have moving part and some are illuminated. Alyson often uses found objects such as computer parts, toggle switches, and LED lights. Using medical drawings as references and incorporating the use of text, Alyson's works are unusual as well as unique.

Alyson starts every project by writing a few sentences relating to her subject. She chooses the objects (people or animals) to illustrate her point and then makes a full-scale drawing of the finished piece. Ultimately, she ends up with a collage of photographs, watercolors and colored pencils. The collage is then scanned, printed and attached to transfer paper. At this point, she sands and gessos a sheet of half-inch-thick plywood. Then she traces the shapes onto the wood and cuts them out with a jigsaw, and she cuts additional pieces of wood that will connect one piece to another. At this point the actual images are traced onto the cut pieces, she decides their placement and then attaches them with screws. The painting now begins. Alyson paints wet on wet, from dark to light, using oil paint. Once dry, all of the pieces are assembled. The final result is a visually stunning work of art exuding symbolic imagery.

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