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Girls' Garden Playroom

Homeowners Neil and Christine Nichols have come to a dead end when it comes to making their playroom fun and presentable and have turned to the professionals for help.

With two young girls and a baby on the way, Neil and Christine Nichols need a playroom that can accommodate a lot of fun plus a lot of wear and tear. Student designer Sondra Stoner comes to the rescue and wants to add whimsical garden elements and accessories to an otherwise drab room. Sondra plans to build a wall unit complete with a mini stage, coffee table and movable window seats, hoping all the while that the Nichols like these unusual elements and that she can get them all done in two days and with only $2,000.

While it's nice to have an extra room for this family's children to play in, this space isn't very inspired so our student designer comes up with a plan she calls "A Children's Garden" to bring the room to life.

New furniture including a window seat, child-sized table and chairs, huge wall unit with storage for toys and dress-up clothes plus a TV unit combine whimsy and function for this playroom.

This curved window seat is on casters and can convert to a bed. The children's artwork and welcoming colors throughout make the room inviting and calming at the same time.

Makeover Information

area rug (Hellum pile rug), Stave mirror 15, children's chairs (Svala) (Ikea)
plates and cups (Urban Outfitters)
flower clip lamp (Pottery Barn Kids)

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