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British Colonial Master Bedroom

A pared down Old World style transforms this white-walled master bedroom.

Amber and Jason Cohen wanted a romantic British Colonial master bedroom to escape to at the end of the day, one that is free from their kids’ toys and clutter.


The Dilemma

Host Kristan Cunningham arrived at the Cohens’ residence to see their bland master bedroom. Before, the room and bedding were both stark white and in need of soft color. The Cohens hoped to trade out their mismatched furniture in favor of the Old World flair of Jason’s grandfather's dresser. The existing nightstands were far too small in appearance and usefulness. The couple preferred the door along the far wall to not be there at all; covering the door would free up much needed wall space. Also, the wall sconces were dated and didn't even match.

The Solution

The uninspiring space is given a charming new look with British Colonial-inspired style. Here's how the design team did it:

  • The white walls are painted a golden camel color to give the room an inviting warm backdrop.

  • Design coordinator Spencer Anderson builds a three-panel room divider to cover up the unused door. He uses 1/2-inch plywood as the base. Reed matting is cut to size and secured to the plywood with spray adhesive and staples. Pine 1x4s are painted chocolate brown and used to frame out the entire piece. Hinges hold the panels together. More screens>>

  • Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf builds a headboard to match the room divider to create a unified look. He uses 3/4-inch plywood as the base and 1x4 boards (painted chocolate brown) to create the frame and square insets. Reed matting is cut to fit inside the squares and adhered with spray adhesive. Trim molding (secured with nails) is used to hide the rough edges. The headboard is finished with a 1x4 board on top.

  • Cunningham brings in two new nightstands that better fit the scale of the bed and room. One is a vintage suitcase atop a classic luggage stand. The other is a wooden, open-slatted box. She stains it a darker color, then lines the inside with brown paper and staples it into place. An uplight is placed behind the box to cast a soft illuminating glow. More tables>>

  • Anderson gives one of the closet doors a new look with faux leather. He cuts a piece of luaun and faux leather to fit the door, then attaches the faux leather to the board with spray adhesive. The entire piece is secured to the board with decorative nail heads.

  • New pieces include wall sconces, a dresser, layers of bedding and Old World-inspired accessories.

    The Cost

    Furniture - $720

    • dresser: Wertz Brothers Furniture
    • reed for screen and headboard: Cane and Basket Supply Co.
    • storage cube used for nightstand: IKEA - HOL, 97322800

    Fabric and bedding - $126

    • throw: Ross
    • faux leather: Michael Levine - V249/camel color
    • bed skirt: Anna's Linens - DK Asst., 822948
    • bedding: Bed Bath & Beyond - King Duvet Mini Set, 52295521382/70573002877
    • fabrics for bedding: Jo-Ann Fabrics - Gtrmn 100m mapel su 2276426, russet & yam floral 6711535, cc sld 6993 tan 1366137

    Lighting - $85

    • wall sconces: The Home Depot - 195337

    Art and accessories - $47

    Paint - $21

    • wall paint: Behr - Wilmington Tan 270F-5A

    Project Total - $999

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