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Earthy and Inviting Living Room

Student interior designer Sara Terrell helps Paul and Shelley Kukuk spruce up their bare and boring living room.

Paul and Shelley Kukuk need help; their living room is bare and boring and who better to spruce it up than student interior designer Sara Terrell? Terrell believes in making home a nice place to escape the world's stresses so she used earth tones throughout, denim fabric on the existing couch and two new sconces to warm the room.


Terrell wanted to add warmth and coziness through textures, fabrics and a colorful maple tree mural. With two days and $2,000, she was pressed to get it all done in time and ensure that the colors and fabrics add maturity without losing warmth.

This sparsely decorated living room enhanced the feeling that it's a pass-through and the homeowners were looking to make it a calm oasis. They wanted a space that balanced elegance, child-friendly furnishings and the ability to comfortably entertain guests. Also needing help was the view to the stair wall. It was rather plain, but Terrell made it aesthetically pleasing and functional. A tansu (stacked Japanese cabinet) makes this previously useless area great for display and storage. The maple tree mural in autumn tones is the inspiration for the whole room design.

pumpkin-colored twin double chair (Somerset) (Blue Tomatoes Furniture, Inc.)
carpet remnant (REM 9218C) (California Carpet)
velvet pillows, glass vases, pumpkin-colored rug, wire decorative objects (Crate & Barrel)
paint: Sand Pebble (1245-171), Spanish Sand (1245-231), Navajo White (1245-36), Almeda (1610-222/ KM521) (this was a mixed color), base coat (1610-121 (no color) (Kelly Moore)
opalescent medium for paint (Acrylic Iridescent Tinting Medium) (Utrecht)
gold mica powder, specialty brushes (Sinopia Pigments & Materials)
vanity chair, carved sconce medallions (Ohmega Salvage)
sconces, large pillows, lampshade (IKEA)


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