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Flower Pin Cushion and Scissor Holder

Drape this clever pin cushion/scissor holder around your neck as a handy sewing companion.

Instructions provided courtesy of quilt designer Tom Russell.

Materials and Tools:

Pin cushion flower and leaf template.

5-inch square for top
5-inch square for backing
5-inch square of polar fleece for batting in a complementary color
4-inch square for bullion
small amount of high-loft batting or cotton balls
30-36'' of green 3/8'' wide ribbon
freezer paper
matching thread

4-inch square for top
4-inch square for back
4-inch square of polar fleece for batting in a complementary color


1. Assemble a quilt sandwich as you would with any quilting project. Using a stipple-stitch quilting pattern, quilt over the entire surface of the square. Do this for both the leaf and flower base units. Set units aside.

2. Transfer the flower and leaf pattern outlines to the dull side of freezer paper. Cut the shapes out on the line.

3. Position freezer paper patterns on top of the appropriate square and iron down. Press only long enough to secure the pattern to the fabric.

4. Once the paper is secure, use a small pair of scissors to cut along the edge of the pattern. After the pattern is completely cut out remove the pattern.

5. Because the elements have a raw edge run a line of stitching around the entire shape. Using a straight stitch, sew approximately 1/8 inch in from the outside edge of the flower and leaf. Secure the thread ends.

6. Attach one end of the length of ribbon to one flower petal. It is best to do this by hand. Don't stitch so it shows on the top of the flower base. To the opposite end of the ribbon attach the male end of a snap. This is also easiest to do by hand. From the snap end of the ribbon, move up from the snap approximately 2-1/2-inches and attach the female part of the snap. If you are making this project to fit a particular pair of scissors, adjust the distance between the snaps based on the pair of scissors.

7. Once the snaps are in place, attach the leaf to the opposite side of the ribbon above the male part of the snap. Hand stitch to keep the stitches hidden.

8. To create the bullion, cut out a three-inch circle of fabric. From the wrong side of the fabric run a gathering stitch around the circle approximately 1/8-inch from the outside edge. Draw the threads together. Before bullion is completely closed, stuff with batting or cotton ball and sew the bullion closed.

9. Attach the bullion to the center of the flower base with fabric glue or stitch in place. Once bullion is secure, the pin cushion is ready to use.

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