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Liven Up the Living Room

See how a professional organizer helps Mark Burstein transform his messy living room into a clean and contemporary space.

Before: Disjointed Living Room
Mark Burstein has plenty of stuff, but not enough storage or style in his rented apartment’s living room.

His furniture is all hand-me-downs that don't match. His job as a DJ generates a lot of electronic equipment, disks and costumes that land everywhere.

His penchant for collectibles adds to the mess, while his utter lack of organization and large elliptical trainer make it hard to walk around the clutter in the 19' x 12' room and walk-in closet.

The closet is bursting with costumes, empty boxes and DJ equipment.

Even the entertainment center is a mess — it's covered with exposed wires and a disorganized array of CDs and DVDs.

Professional organizer Gianfranco DiLuzio has a plan that will transform Burstein's disjointed living room into a clean, organized contemporary space with areas for work and entertaining.

After: Sleek and Organized
All the mismatched furniture is replaced with contemporary wood furniture with glass and stainless accents. The room is painted light gray with a dark gray accent wall behind the entertainment unit.

Now the area has plenty of storage for DVDs down low, and sleek stainless wall racks hold a large CD collection. The dark gray wall provides a cool accent for the room.

The elliptical trainer goes into the bedroom, and the old couch is replaced with a new couch that converts into a bed. The collectibles are sorted, and those not chosen for display are carefully wrapped and stored. The closet is organized with large clear plastic bins on wheels.

The new desk is full of storage and computer space, while the glass-door cabinet above holds collectibles.

The finished room reflects Burstein's fun personality and has a sleek, masculine look.

Products from The Container Store:

grid storage bins
clear storage trunk with handles
white wall mount
clear bins
walnut magazine table

Products from Stacks and Stacks:

Mott table lamp
stainless-steel CD rack
polished steel desk lamp
polished steel floor lamp
large black bookends
black desk tray

Sherwin-Williams paint colors used:

Eider white SW7014 eggshell finish
Cyberspace SW7076 eggshell finish

Product from Black, White, Red:

printer tray

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