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Tennessee Waltz Wall Quilt

Instructions provided courtesy of Eleanor Burns from Quilt in a Day.

Make this easy, traditional pattern that uses two blocks to create the illusion of curves that achieve a graceful design that glides together to form the Tennessee Waltz Quilt. using two quilt blocks, she gives

The "54-40 or Fight" block is a traditional star pattern with a political name that dates back to the 1844 presidential election concerning a dispute over the Oregon Territory. The companion block, "Snowball" is a long standing, all-purpose block. The blocks pair perfectly to form a new pattern.

Finished size: 41" x 41"
5 Stars, 4 Snowballs

sewing machine with 1/4" foot
rotary mat and cutter
6" x 24" ruler
6" x 12" ruler
Triangle in a Square ruler
neutral thread
Tennessee Waltz book by Sue Bouchard
1/2 yard for background
- (2) 2" strips cut in half
- (1) strip x size of block

1/4 yard for star background
- (2) 4" strips

1/3 yard for star points
- (2) 5" strips

1/8 yard for star center
- (5) 3 1/2" squares

1/3 yard for Four-Patch
- (4) 2" strips cut in half

1/4 yard for Snowball corners
- (2) 3 1/2" strips cut into
- (16) 3 1/2" squares

1/3 yard for first border
- (4) 2" strips

5/8 yard for second border
- (4) 4 1/2" strips

1/2 yard for binding
- (5) 3" strips

48" x 48" for backing
48" x 48" batting

Figure B

1. Use the (4) two-inch background half strips (figure A) and (4) two-inch Four-Patch half strips (figure B) to make (20) Four Patch blocks.

2. Follow the instructions included in the Quilt in a Day’s Triangle in a Square Ruler to make (20) 3-1/2-inch Star Point patches (figure C).

3. Lay out (4) Four-Patch blocks, (4) Star Points and (1) 3-1/2-inch center to make each of the five stars (figure D). Assembly-line sew the star blocks together.

4. Measure the star block to determine the size of the Snowball block. Cut (4) Snowball background squares to that size.

5. On the wrong side of each of the (16) 3-1/2-inch Snowball Corner squares, draw a diagonal line (figure E).

Figure F

6. Place a Snowball corner right sides together to the background square corner (figure F). Sew on drawn line. Trim and press toward Snowball corners.

Figure G

7. Alternating Star and Snowball blocks, lay out the quilt top (figure F). There is a star in each corner and in the middle.

8. Pin star points to Snowball corners to match the points.

9. Press seams toward Snowball blocks.

10. Add the First and Second borders.

11. Quilt and bind.

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