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Great Room Rescue

Laurie Duchovny and Michael Birnbaum seek help organizing their great room.

Before: Full of Furniture and Clutter
Laurie Duchovny and Michael Birnbaum are expecting twins. The only place in their small apartment with enough room for the nursery is the living room, which currently is being used as an office, dining room and gathering spot for entertaining. It is distinctly adult and definitely cluttered with books, CDs and furniture.

A large sofa hems in a cluttered desk. Artwork leaning against the wall behind the sofa and the tiny coffee table make the area less functional than it could be.

A large round dining table with leaning artwork and scads of bright red chairs create the dining space--one that must be cleared off every time it is used.

Professional organizer Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan is on hand to help them transform the space into one that will function well as a multipurpose room. His plan is simple:

  • Move the large dining table and chairs to another area to open up space for the nursery.

  • Remove half the books and CDs from the low bookshelves and store music on an external hard drive.

  • Paint the walls, rearrange the furniture and add wall shelves in the nursery area for storage.

After: Uncluttered and Spacious
The final result is an inviting room that feels open, uncluttered and spacious.

It not only functions well for entertaining — various artwork pieces and the plasma TV now have a home — it is also child friendly, thanks in part to the couple's decision to go wireless.

A soft peach wall color adds warmth to the now uncluttered room, while an area rug and larger coffee table opens up the space.

The desk has been replaced with two sofa side tables that provide storage with drawers and filing. The computer has gone wireless for complete mobility.

With the dining table gone, there is plenty of room for a wonderful nursery — complete with crib, changing table and wall shelves with storage.

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