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Bus Stop

When it's time to hit the road, this is the house to have.

Some people enjoy always being on the go. Page Hodel fits into this category, especially since she found the old International Harvester school bus for sale on the side of the road and converted it into her home.

A former DJ and event planner, Hodel was inspired to name the International Harvester bus after a female rap artist, Roxanne Chante.

The 8' x 40' bus actually makes for a very comfortable and surprisingly spacious home. Hodel enjoys kicking back in her living room, kitchen and large bathroom. Her kitchen is small, but it's completely functional. And the surprisingly roomy bathroom has a toilet, tub and miniature sink. The bedroom is at the back of the bus and includes an escape hatch, thanks to the emergency exit door.

Other amenities include a satellite dish, Internet access and running water. While she enjoys the conveniences, Hodel is really pleased that she did the work herself. She even keeps the engine in good shape in case she has an urge to hit the road.

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