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Little Crib Down on the Farm

This family converted a corncrib into a cozy home.

Carol and Steve Miller learned something about their ancestors when they inherited a farm that had been in Carol’s family since 1732.

The couple decided to raise their family of three in the corncrib that had been built by Carol’s great-great-grandfather. The Miller children are the eighth generation of Carol's family to live on their Virginia farm. The corncrib was built in 1860.

Friend Thomas Czachor helped with the conversion that turned the old storage bin into a family home with modern conveniences. The hardwood floor in the warm living room is made up of planks recycled from a horse corral fence. The kitchen features modern appliances and an island counter. The walls of the living room are angled slightly. The stairs are made from the wood of an old walnut tree Carol's father chopped down. They also managed to fit a single bathroom into the space where the corn used to be stored, and the hayloft made a cozy, rustic bedroom. The Millers now hope that their ancestors will enjoy the improvements they made to the family corncrib.

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