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Bold Look on a Budget

The owners of this large, six year old beige-colored home refer to it as an apartment building. A remodel using simple, low-cost projects adds charm and makes the home more personal and welcoming.

Homeowner Ruth Mims and her daughter Alexis bought their home six years ago and are eager to make some improvements. They're most excited about spicing up the home with color and landscaping. Designer Mark Pellegrino helps Ruth and Alexis add character to the home with touches of color and decoration, which will also help make the home appear smaller and cozier.

Here's how they accomplish it:

  • paint the trim, garage, and decks a rich, red-brown
  • new shutters on the windows
  • new teak patio furniture for the decks
  • a fence goes in on the right of the house to separate it from the hillside
  • slate tile goes down on the walkway
  • a plaster shield & swag ornament goes over the front door
  • stain the front door red
  • put up a trellis with bougainvillea next to the garage
  • new landscaping: purple and orange flowers along the foundation, boulders in the front yard to add depth
  • other accents: copper mailbox, new house numbers, colorful cushions for the patio furniture, and brightly colored hand blown glass lights

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