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Grecian-Inspired Hideaway

Christos Garkinos and Brett Greenstein are ready to reclaim their backyard and turn it into a place that's great for relaxing and entertaining.

Christos Garkinos and Brett Greenstein's charming Spanish-style home has been boldly decorated with a mix of Mediterranean and modern design touches.

The homeowners' awkwardly shaped backyard, however, is basically a rundown dog park. Christos and Brett are ready to take back their backyard and start relaxing and entertaining in what they hope will be a Grecian-inspired hideaway. Beat-up grass, overgrown planting beds and a chain-link fence will need to be dealt with before they can reclaim their space, however. Up to the challenge are landscape designers Polly Longworth, Didier Debaud and the design team of Khoi Vo and Mike Schoen.

Longworth proposes replacing the ravaged lawn with decomposed granite and gravel; the narrow tip of the yard would become a focal point with a stunning urn fountain. Debaud's Grecian-inspired design features whitewashed walls, a colorful curvy seating area and a vine-sheltered day bed. Khoi Vo and Mike Schoen center their concept on a bougainvillea-covered gazebo and adjacent fire pit. Light-colored stone pavers throughout the yard would add to the relaxing resort feel.

After a week of reviewing the three designs, Christos and Brett choose the Vo-Schoen design. Clearing out the overgrown beds and adding a stepping-stone patio with a bubbling water fountain opens up the space and transforms the once dismal atmosphere. Khoi Vo and Mike Schoen have created a modern Mediterranean backyard that Christos, Brett and their canine pals will love.

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